Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

Barack Obama Is Not A Liberal
Nor Is HE A Socialist

Does it really matter anymore who are the Republicans and who are the Democrats? It is the same moneyed special interests. They are all in the same club. And their leader is Barack Obama.

"Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage." - H.L.Mencken

Patrick Martin of the ICFI writes, "President Obama is the first choice of Wall Street and the American super-rich", that "Obama broke all previous records for fund raising." Yes, he did. He is the darling of the rich.

Obama is no Liberal. Obama is no Socialist. It would be far better for Americans if he was. Obama the Nobel Peace Prize laureate is the PEACE president, which is why he started a war of his own.

Another war with drone attacks, which are little more than cowardly, cold-blooded mass murder. If we support Obama, we support mass murder. If we support the blowing up and shredding to pieces of "our enemies" that means killing children and innocent civilians every time a mission is flown and everyday soldiers go out on patrol, day after day, week after week, month after month - and it has been year after year we are supporting the policies of Barack Obama and it is wrong.

"Most of us will spend a full third of our lives asleep, and yet we donít have the faintest idea of what it does for our bodies and our brains. Research labs offer surprisingly few answers. Sleep is one of the dirty little secrets of science. My neurologist wasnít kidding when he said there was a lot that we donít know about sleep, starting with the most obvious question of all ó why we, and every other animal, need to sleep in the first place." (Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep [public library], journalist David K. Randall)

While you have been sleeping, Barack Obama has been answering to his wealthy puppet masters.

Obama supports reductions in social welfare and cuts in earned entitlements like Medicare and leading the assault on Americans (the rest of us), by these (fascist) ruling elites threatens us by claiming without the concessions, the government won't be able to cover the payments on those earned entitlement programs - in spite of cuts in (paid) entitlement programs which are not negotiable. There will be cuts in benefits to the poor and the disabled and to social security for seniors.

Wars are good for profits and cuts in social security, medicare and elimination of medicaid are imperative, while reducing the U.S. debt is not so urgent after all.

The U.S. Treasury will choke up. Interest on U.S. bonds won't be paid. The U.S. won't be able to borrow money.

Obama also supports a chained CPI "Tweaking the way the government measures inflation sounds like an obscure method to help reduce budget deficits, but over time it would lead to significantly lower Social Security benefits while increasing taxes, mainly on low- and middle-income families. If adopted across the government, the change would have far-reaching effects because so many programs are adjusted each year based on year-to-year changes in consumer prices. It would mean smaller annual increases in Social Security payments, government pensions and veterans' benefits. Taxes would slowly increase because annual adjustments to income tax brackets would be smaller, pushing more people into higher tax brackets. Over time, fewer people would be eligible for antipoverty programs like Medicaid, Head Start, food stamps, school lunches and home heating assistance because annual adjustments to the poverty level would be smaller, leaving fewer people under the official poverty line."

Video Link: What is Chained CPI?

Who are these ruling elites?

Ruling elite: - That group that is the most influential and prestigious stratum in a society. The ruling elite has nearly exclusive political, economic, and military control of the society in which they live. See C. Wright Mills' The Power Elite. (The controversy concerning "ruling elite" and "ruling class" should be mentioned here. Many radical non-Marxists, following C. Wright Mills, have conceptualized those who govern American society as an "elite," while Marxists have stuck to a more class-oriented analysis employing the concept "ruling class." G. William Domhoff has suggested a "compromise," a "ruling class" that operates "technically" through a "ruling elite." - G. William Domhoff, Who Rules America (Englewood Cliffs NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1967) and The Higher Circles (New York: Vintage Books, 1971).

"The ruling class is the politically active component of the owning class, the top captains of finance and policy who set the standards for investment and concentration of capital at home and abroad... Their overall economic domination and their campaign contributions, media monopoly, high-paid lobbyists, and public relations experts regularly predetermine who will be treated as major political candidates and which policy parameters will prevail... Their wealth serves their power, and their power serves their wealth." (author, political and social commentator, Dr. Michael Parenti)

Workers in America are a slave labor class and they don't even know it. They often feel it, but they are perpetually brainwashed by media distortions while the greatest heist of workers by the ruling elites is going on right before their eyes. And, in Washington, D.C., the U.S. Congress, puppet masters for the rich pushed through bailouts from companies "too big to fail" with barely a whimper of protest from the masses. And bad debts from irresponsible Wall Street speculators were quietly transferred onto the backs of the working class. The rich ruling class are proving again to be the mortal enemy of the working and middle class.

An aristocracy of the rich _ruling elites_ conducted the biggest heist of the American People ever - in the history of the United States. These greedy Wall Street super-rich capitalists transferred their bad debts onto the backs of the rest of us.

If Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are now at risk it is because these irresponsible captains of American industry were too greedy; these same businesses that squeezes American workers to work harder and longer for less and then fires them - and think nothing of moving their companies overseas where labor costs are lower in spite of the despair and impoverishment it has caused Americans. And the consequence of lost jobs caused the destruction of needed social programs, of Medicaid which is now impossible to get in some localities and disintegration of public transportation and infrastructures, education programs cut, loss of housing and unaffordable housing.

If They Think Social Security is Really a Problem, Which It Is Not

Social Security is not broken. There are demographic concerns say those who warn us of its eventual demise, but an increase in population also means an increase in money collected in payroll taxes. Besides, raising the $106,000 cap upward (or simply removing it altogether) so those who make more can pay more would fix it (just chuck it) and even if nothing is done it is good for another 30 years - without doing anything. To suggest otherwise, which has been the line of Republicans and the Tea Party is nothing less than a duplicity because I cannot seriously believe they are that clueless.

They say there is no money. Well there was money for the bail outs. Why not bail out people, not businesses which never put those same people back to work. There is money for bail outs but not for needs, not for people who need to survive. But there was money for banks, trillions of dollars for big business and banks - and loans and there were guarantees from the U.S. Treasury, from the Federal Reserve so the super rich could keep their property and the means to enslave workers and the poor.

"A tiny portion of the population controls the lion's share of the wealth and most of the command positions of state, manufacturing, banking, investment, publishing, higher education, philanthropy, and media... these individuals exercise a preponderant influence over what is passed off as public information and democratic discourse." (Author, political and social commentator, Dr Michael Parenti)

And we have a president who willingly is ready to compromise away programs he promised not to touch, that sustain seniors who don't vote for him anyway - and the poor, who don't vote much anyway and he is currying favor with the rich and willing to make compromises to the Republican Party and Tea Party while stealing from groveling serfs: the working class, and seniors already on social security - and from a very rapidly dwindling middle class until there is none. The driving force behind cutting Medicare and Social Security is Barack Obama. Obama pretended to be a progressive in 2008. He is a fraud. Obama doesn't care what his base is saying because he has no opponent in 2012. He thinks all the Democrats will fall in line rather than vote for a Republican. He may just be surprised. A dark horse Independent may yet emerge.

Obama even proposed spending cuts greater than the ones demanded by Congressional Republicans. He favors a rise in taxes by cutting loopholes to corporations while cutting the budget on important life-sustaining programs for the middle classes and the disabled. We know where these cuts are going to be. The changes will include a means test for Medicare. And Medicaid will be eliminated where it isn't already.

What is Barack Obama doing? He is rewarding those who befriended him, doing whatever they demand of him and he punishes those who defy him.

What should we expect from this president who is not a liberal or a socialist. Where is hope and change now?

Hank Roth

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